Active Members

Aaron Benz - Founder and CEO at Degree Analytics - LinkedIn Twitter

Alan May - Action Design ATX Lab Lead Organizer - Behavioral Designer at Swerve Solutions, LLC - LinkedIn Twitter

Dr. Alexandra Teodorescu - Linguist and Cognitive Scientist at Indeed - LinkedIn

Brittany Zenner - Masters Candidate in Experimental Psychology at Brooklyn College - LinkedIn Twitter

Bruce Campney - UX Consultant at Hired Texas - LinkedIn

Chia-Ling (Sariel) Li - Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology Researcher at Bose - LinkedIn Twitter

Heather Watson - Behavioral Insights Researcher at The Center for Generational Kinetics - LinkedIn

Isaiah McPeak - Chief Product Officer at Towny - LinkedIn

Jennifer Galek - Head of Samsung Division at TractorBeam - LinkedIn

Jessica Cox - Program Director at Giving Docs and Behavioral Economics Research Fellow at Duke - LinkedIn

Jess Nordquist - UX/UI Design Consultant - LinkedIn Twitter

Raechel French - PhD Candidate as part of the Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change research - LinkedIn

Rajni Jaipaul - Senior Manager in Revenue Cycle Operations at Hanger - LinkedIn Twitter

Robert Williams - Strategic Advisor and Management Consultant at Pulselight - LinkedIn

Robin Krieglstein - Action Design ATX Founder - Behavioral Designer at Live Neuron Labs - LinkedIn Twitter