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A List of Behavioral Design Resources compiled by Robin Krieglstein and Alan May. Thank you to others in the Action Design Network for their contributions to this list.


Want to connect with your audience with emotional resonance? Isaiah McPeak presents Tropes and Schemes in Rhetoric.

Projects - We autopopulated this subreddit with tweets and blog entries from Behavioral Design thought leaders. We liked reddit's voting feature - we thought by being able to surface the highest value links through voting would be quite handy for readers of Action Design topics. Unfortunately, Alan ended up getting banned from Reddit due to the Reddit global administrators thinking we were using our bots to spam this subreddit instead of contribute valuable content. We may resurrect this project on another platform since we and others saw value in aggregating and auto curating this content. (No longer actively maintained). Project by Alan May and Robin Krieglstein.

We helped Westlake High School student entrepreneurs prep for SXSW EDU Pitch Competition. We held a practice session for the REZ Parking, a student-run startup that participates in the Westlake High School Business Incubator program. They got feedback from designers, serial entrepreneurs, MBAs, and software engineers on their pitch. The students did a marvelous job with their final presentation. Project by Niki Bartley, Isaiah McPeak, Rajni Jaipal, Bruce Campney, Alan May and Jess Nordquist

We gave behavioral design guidance to the mission-based company, in August 2018. We wish them continued success with their education efforts to make us all aware of our nonconscious racial biases. Project by Aaron Benz, Alan May, Daniela Pardo, Heather Watson, Isaiah McPeak, Jess Nordquist, Jennifer Galek, Robert Williams, and Sparky Witte